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Welcome to AB Europe Limited, a renowned veterinary practice located in the picturesque town of Ledbury, Herefordshire. Established by the accomplished Mr Ian McDougall, BVMS BSc MRCVS, the practice has been providing exceptional care for animals in the region and beyond for years. With a focus on the treatment of Sheep and Goats, AB Europe Limited takes pride in its highly specialised services while maintaining a warm and friendly atmosphere for all its visitors and patients.

Housed in a beautiful and easily accessible location, the practice’s state-of-the-art facilities offer a comfortable and inviting environment where all patients receive the highest standards of veterinary care. Working in close collaboration with esteemed veterinary surgeons, Mr Ian McDougall has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and qualifications attesting to his unwavering dedication to animal welfare. Integrating both traditional and innovative techniques, the veterinary team at AB Europe Limited remains committed to ensuring that each patient is treated with care tailored to their unique needs and situations.

AB Europe Limited’s primary focus is the care and well-being of Sheep and Goats, meeting the wider specialised requirement of the rural community in Herefordshire. The practice is proud of its extensive knowledge of these species and the array of services provided to ensure their optimal health. Furthermore, the practice is devoted to continually enhancing the quality of their respective veterinary services. Consequently, referrals and consultations with other leading experts are an integral part of their service. AB Europe Limited is a trusted name in the field, with their referral interests and practice interests making them the top choice for farmers and animal owners in the region seeking the best care for their precious livestock.

Moreover, the AB Europe Limited veterinary members believe that preventative care for animals is just as essential as treating illnesses. They encourage regular visits to ensure that each patient’s health, diet and well-being are closely monitored and maintained, with any potential issues being promptly addressed. This goes beyond mere treatment; they also focus on providing education and advice to animal owners so that they can adequately care for their Sheep and Goats at home.

In addition to their relentless commitment to veterinary care for Sheep and Goats, AB Europe Limited understands the importance of being available for their clients when they need them the most. That’s why they offer various availability options for appointments and consultations that accommodate their clients’ busy schedules. This dedication to accessibility reinforces their mission to provide exceptional veterinary care, reassurance, and support for both the animals and their devoted owners.

When entrusting the care of your Sheep and Goats to the AB Europe Limited veterinary practice, you can rest assured you’ll receive professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate service from an expert team who truly understands and values the bond you share with your animals. If you’re looking for top-class veterinary care, coupled with the friendliest and most welcoming staff, you’ll find it all here at AB Europe Limited.

Visit them today at their Ledbury, Herefordshire clinic and experience the exceptional veterinary care that AB Europe Limited is renowned for.

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